Malaysian Cuisine

Malaysian Food – Fragrant, Spicy & Sweet

Malaysian Cuisine is a mixture of various food  cultures from around the Malay archipelago, Indian, China, the Middle East and several European Countries. This diverse culture stems from Malaysia’s diverse culture and colonial past.

In the 15th Century, Malaysia was an important passageway for maritime trade; passing through were Arab traders, Portuguese, Dutch and British colonists and traders who introduced food staples.

Being a multicultural country, MALAYSIANS, have over the years adopted each other’s dishes to suit the taste buds of their own culture. Malaysian of Chinese descent have adapted the Indian curry and made it more dilute and less spicy to suit their taste. Chinese noodles have been crossed with Indian and Malay taste buds thus “Mamak” mee goreng was born.

The Malaysian Chef of Punch Bowl is of Indian descent of a mixture of Northern and Southern India. However her family itself is multi-racial with Chinese, Sikh, Malay, Eurasian and having family married with various nations; America, Canada, Philippines, Madagascar, Japan, Australia, Sri Lanka, Germany, Scotland, England; have influenced her versatile cooking methods.

As the Malay saying goes “Belum cuba belum tahu;sudah cuba pasti mahu”

If you have not tried, you would not know but once you have tried, you would want more.

Takeaway Menu

Selamat datang and welcome. The Punch Bowl Low Bentham brings you the delight of authentic Malaysian and British Food.

Don’t be afraid to ask us questions and don’t hesitate to say the dishes names.

Please inform us of food allergies and special dietary requirements.


Opening hours

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Satay £5.95
The famous marinated and char grilled delicacy of Malaysia served with peanut sauce (nut free available) and garnish (5 sticks per plate). Gluten free.

Choice of satay buaya (crocodile) or satay ayam (chicken)
Karipap £5.95
Curry puff; small deep fried pastry filled. Invented by the Malays.

Choice of Ubi Kentang (potato) suitable for vegetarians or
Keledek (sweet potato) suitable for vegetarians or
Ayam (chicken) or Rendang Lembu (beef rendang) Nut free
Begedil kentang £5.95
Deep fried potato patties. Suitable for vegans, nut free and gluten free.
Inchi Kabin £5.95
Malaysian Fried chicken wings; derived when the cook in the ships calls the Captain “Encik” from the cabi (Kabin) down for the meal when the chicken is ready. Authentic nyonya dish marinated with herbs, honey and soya sauce. Nut free.
Mixed Malaysian Starter Platter for 2 £13.95
Satay, Begedil kentang, karipap & inchi kabin (satay, curry puff, potato patties & chicken wings)

Western Starters

Prawn Cocktail £5.95
Served with lettuce, seafood sauce, tomatoes with a sprinkle of paprika. Gluten free & nut free.
Soup of the Day £5.95
Served with bread. Vegetarian, gluten free and vegan options available.
Crispy Breaded Garlic Mushrooms £5.95
Served with mayo (vegan option available). Nut free, vegetarian and vegan.
Mixed Western Starter Platter for 2 £10.50
Chips, garlic bread and breaded garlic mushrooms.

Extras or Side Dishes

Portion of Chips £2.50
Options: plain (gluten free) or cheesy chips or with curry sauce or with gravy. Nut free.
Portion of Sweet potato fries £2.50
Nut free. Gluten free.
Garlic Bread £2.50
Options: plain or cheesy garlic bread. Nut free.
Roti Canai (Malaysian Flat Bread) £3.00
Nut free.
Nasi Minyak (Malaysian Wedding Rice) £3.00
Nut free. Gluten free.
Coconut Rice £3.00
Nut free and Gluten free.

Comfort Food

Burger in a Bun £10.50
With tomatoes, lettuce & a side of chips. Add gherkins, onions, cheese or bacon. Options; beef or venison or vegetarian.
Hotdogs £7.50
Either in a bun or on its own
Served with tomatoes, lettuce & side of chips; add onions or tomato sauce or chilli sauce or mustard. Options; plain or wild boar or vegetarian.
Pizza £10.50
Served with a side of chips and garlic bread. Choose from; tomato & cheese or pepperoni or cheeseburger.

Sunday Roast (Sunday Only)

Half Roast Chicken or Roast Beef £15.50
With yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, medley of vegetables and gravy. £7.75 for children.
Nasi Goreng Istimewa £15.50
Special Fried Rice (choice of vegan, vegetarian, chicken or prawns). Gluten free and nut free. Served with karipap (curry puff) and dessert included; Kuih Sago (Malaysian Sago Cake) made
from sago and tapioca pearls with grated coconut. Gluten free and nut free.
Mee Goreng Mamak Istimewa £15.50
Special Mamak fried noodles. (Choice of vegetarian, chicken, prawns). Nut
free. Served with karipap (curry puff)
and dessert included; Kuih Lapis; steamed soft rice flour pudding in layers served with ice cream. Gluten free and nut free.

Western Menu

Buffalo Steak £18.95
Served with fries, onion rings, salad and fried egg. GF.
Ostrich Fillet Steak £13.50
Served with new potatoes and mixed vegetables. GF.
Cumberland Sausage £13.50
Served with gravy, vegetables; option of chips or mash.
Pie of the Day £14.95
Served with mushy peas, vegetables and gravy.
Traditional Beer Battered Fish & Chips £11.50
Served with mushy peas, gluten free option available (nut free)
Gammon Steak £13.95
Served with chips, fried egg & amp; vegetables. Nut free.
Scampi, Chips & Peas £11.50
Nut free and dairy free.
Mussels in white wine sauce £11.50
Nut free.
Brie & Red Onion Tart £11.50
Gluten free. Served with new potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes and a drizzle of olive oil. Contains milk and tree nuts. Suitable for vegetarians.
Vegan Steaks £13.95
(Contains wheat & soya) Served with new potatoes and mix vegetables.

Malaysian Menu

Roti Canai (Flattened Bread) £10.50
Popular hawker street food brought by Indian Muslims known as Mamak in
Malaysia. Vegan option available.
Options; Roti Kosong (empty bread). 2 pieces of roti served with potato curry sauce. Very mild. Suitable for vegetarians. Nut free. Roti John (John’s bread). 2 pieces of roti in a burrito style with scrambled egg, sausages, pieces of chicken, mayo and cheese. Non spicy. Nut free.
Nasi Lemak £12.50
Known as Malaysia’s National Dish and popularised as breakfast food. Cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaves (screwpine leaves) served with sambal (spicy paste), eggs, peanuts (optional)
and anchovies (optional). Options; fish or chicken or pay choy (vegetarian or
vegan). Gluten free.
Nasi Goreng Kampung £12.50
Village style fried rice topped up with a fried egg. Options; Prawns or chicken or pork. Vegan and vegetarian options available. Nut free and gluten free.
Penang Kari Laksa £13.25
Curry Laksa from Penang. Penang is known as a regional food
paradise, shaped by the island’s many cultures and also the birthplace of Punchbowl’s Malaysian Chef. Served with King Prawn, this soupy curry dish is spicy and is topped with boiled egg. Nut free.
Mee Goreng Mamak £11.25
Fried Mamak noodle. A marriage of Malays and Tamil muslims, the mamak culture has been part of Malaysia’s landscape for centuries. Mamak stalls are no frills open air food establishments (hawker stalls) in Malaysia. The noodles are yellow noodles topped with fried egg(optional). Optional spicy or non spicy. Option; vegetarian or prawns, or chicken or beef or pork. Nut free.
Bihun Goreng £11.25
Fried Vermicelli. A popular stir fried vermicelli rice noodle dish. Optional spicy or non spicy. Optional vegan or vegetarian or beef or chicken or pork or prawns. Nut free, gluten free.
Chicken Tikka Rasa Malaysia £12.50
Chicken Tikka the Malaysian Taste. Marinated chicken in spices from Malaysia served with crackers and yoghurt mint sauce. Served with nasi minyak known as the wedding rice. Rice
made from turmeric and ghee. Non-spicy, gluten free and nut free.
Kari Ayam Penang £12.50
Influenced from the Peranakan Chinese known as nyonya, this is a sweet chicken curry from Penang, where the Malaysian Chef, Shanti, originates from. Very slight touch of spiciness. Served with
coconut rice, boiled egg, tomatoes, cucumber and crackers. Gluten free and nut free.
Devil’s Curry £12.50
The Malaysian Chef’s grandma, Nanny Ruth’s speciality. Chicken with thick curry, tomatoes, potatoes and boiled egg. Served with coconut rice, crackers, fruit. Optional; very spicy, spicy or mild. Gluten free and nut free.
Shish Tawook £11.50
This dish is a statement of the strong middle eastern influence in
Malaysia. Chicken marinated in spiced yoghurt and grilled. Served with roti canai (Malaysian Flatbread). Non-spicy. Nut free.
Rendang Daging £13.95
Soaked meat. Beef here is slow cooked and soaked in coconut milk and seasoned with herbs and spices. The dish has influences from the Malays and Indians. Spicy dish with small pieces of beef in a sweet & amp; dry curry. Served with nasi minyak wedding rice) made from ghee and turmeric), fruits, cucumber, tomatoes and crackers. Gluten free and nut free.
Tau Yu Bak £11.50
Braised Pork in soy sauce. Influenced again by the nyonya influence in Penang, the birthplace of the Malaysian chef of Punch Bowl, this is another family recipe, a speciality of the chef’s gran aunt Thangam. Served with coconut rice. The dish has potatoes and boiled egg, sweet and an extremely small hint of spiciness.
Lamb Varuval £13.50
This dish was influenced by the Punjabis who are a small minority that came to Malaysia brought in by the British to serve as policemen for the British Straits Settlement Community in Malaya
then. This lamb dish is full of flavour, spicy. Served with yoghurt mint, cracker and nasi minyak (wedding rice made from ghee and turmeric)
Rendang Kambing £13.50
Lamb is slow cooked and soaked in coconut milk. This is a family recipe from the Malaysian Chef’s mum, Juliana, who is influenced by the northern Indian and southern Indian culture which is also
quite strong in Malaysia. Buttery, very mild with a hint of spice, sweet, dry curry with peas and potatoes. Served with roti canai (Malaysian flatbread), crackers, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.
Sayur Masak Lemak £11.50
Mixed vegetables with coconut milk and spices served with coconut rice with crackers and fruit. Suitable for vegans. Option of spicy or mild.
Gado Gado £10.50
Warm salad dish. Potatoes, peppers, bean sprouts with boiled egg and spicy peanut sauce. Nut free and vegan option
available. Gluten free
Kerabu Mangga £10.50
Warm salad dish. Mango salad; served with mangoes, coconut flakes, peanuts, lettuce, onions, sweet, non spicy. Gluten free and vegan. Nut free options available.

Children's Menu

Chicken Nuggets & Chips £7.50
Option of beans or peas. Nut free and dairy free.
Fish Fingers & Chips £7.50
Option of beans or peas. Nut free and dairy free.
Sausage £7.50
Option of Mash or Chips; option of
beans or peas. Nut free.
Red onion Tart served with chips £7.50
Option of beans or peas. Nut free, gluten free, suitable for vegetarians.
Pasta served with chips and garlic bread £7.50
Option of tomato sauce or cheese sauce suitable for vegans. Nut free.
Vegetable curry and coconut rice £7.50
Non spicy; suitable for vegans, gluten free and nut free.
Burger (served with no bun) & chips £7.50
Optional beans or peas.

Pencuci Mulut / Dessert

Pandan kuih seri muka £5.00
2 layered dessert with steamed glutinous rice forming the bottom half and a green custard layer made from pandan juice. Gluten free and nut free and suitable for vegans. Served with kaya (coconut jam)
Keledek kuih seri muka £5.00
2 layers dessert with steamed glutinous rice forming the bottom half and a purple custard layer made from sweet potato. Gluten free, nut free, suitable for vegans. Served with kaya (coconut jam).
Kuih Kaya £5.00
Fluffy glutinous rice steamed in coconut milk made from butterfly blue pea flowers. Gluten free, suitable for vegans, nut free. Served with kaya (coconut jam).
Kuih Lapis £5.00
Steamed layer cake built of rice pudding, tapioca, sago and coconut milk. Served with ice cream. Vegan ice cream available. Nut free, gluten free and suitable for vegans.
Gulab Jamun £5.00
Solid deep fried and boiled in sugar syrup; served ward with ice cream. Nut free.
Lepat Pisang £5.00
Steamed banana parcels. Steamed sweet ripened banana wrapped in a banana leaf with palm sugar infused in coconut milk. Nut free, gluten free, suitable for vegans.
Kuih Sago Rose £5.00
Rose flavoured sago cake is made from small sago and tapioca pearls. Its texture is soft but chewy. The fragrance of rose. served with coconut milk. Nut free, gluten free, suitable for vegans.
Syrup Sponge Pudding £5.00
Sweet sponge pudding. Served warm with option of ice cream or cream. Nut free, gluten free.
Rose & Lychee Swiss Roll £5.00
Light spongy chiffon with rose and lychees containing lychee buttercream filling. Served with custard. Nut Free.
Red velvet and Cream Cheese Layer Cake £5.00
A subtly delicate cake and ultra rich with moist butter cake baked layer by layer. Served with optional ice cream or cream or custard. Nut Free.
Spice and Rum Layer Cake £5.00
A subtly spiced delicate cake and ultra rich with rum and moist butter cake baked layer by layer. Served with optional ice cream or
cream or custard. Nut Free.
Ice Cream £5.00
Option of Vegan Ice Cream available.
Banana Split £5.00
Scoops of ice cream with bananas & cream.
Rocky Road £5.00
Scoops of ice cream with nuts, meringue, cream and chocolate syrup.
Eton Mess £5.00
Scoops of ice cream with strawberries, strawberry syrup, meringue, marshmallows and cream.
Rum & Raisin £5.00
Scoops of Ice cream with rum, raisins, chocolate sauce and strawberry sauce, cream.